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The Sudoku Professor launched an updated version of his popular Sudoku courses to provide practical, step-by-step training for beginner, intermediate and advanced Sudoku players.

The Sudoku Professor, a professional Sudoku instructor, launched his updated range of online courses, tutorials and video walkthroughs for Sudoku players at all levels of experience. His updated course include his popular introductory DVD lessons, as well as his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level advanced Sudoku lessons.

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The newly launched updated Sudoku lessons aim to provide players throughout the world with a collection of easily accessible, practical and concise lessons that cover all types of Sudoku puzzles.

The Introductory Sudoku Lessons DVD features over three hours of step-by-step lessons designed to help beginner Sudoku players master the fundamentals of the game. The Sudoku Professor covers the five crucial techniques that can help any Sudoku player solve even the hardest puzzles, and introduces some tips and tactics that can make Sudoku solving much easier.

Also included in the new update is a fully online version of the Bachelor’s Level Sudoku Solving System. This program is designed to take students from beginner to advanced Sudoku puzzle solvers, focusing on outside-the-box thinking and problem solving techniques. Participants get immediate access to methods and strategies that are easy to understand and can be implemented immediately.

Those looking for a supportive community of active Sudoku players can join the Sudoku Professor’s Club, an online membership-based community offering access to thousands of Sudoku resources and many exclusive features.

The Sudoku lessons, tutorials and resources created by the Sudoku Professor have already helped thousands of Sudoku enthusiasts throughout the world.

A satisfied Sudoku player said: “I really enjoy the lessons in video format. I am at the junior level and find that using what I have learned not only makes the puzzles easier to solve but much more fun as well. I am really looking forward to the advanced videos and techniques so I can go after the difficult puzzles with greater confidence.”

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