Succession Planning For Team Leaders – Professional Development Course Launched

Human Potential Matters has launched a succession planning course. The training is suited to employees who want to develop their leadership skills ahead of a promotion.

Human Potential Matters, a personal and professional development company for aspiring leaders, has launched a new succession planning course.

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The recently launched Succession Planning 101: Training of Potential Leaders and Managers in the Art of Motivating Their People course helps professionals to fine-tune their leadership skills. It’s ideally suited to individuals who aspire to become leaders or managers and want to prepare themselves for promotion.

Succession planning is a business strategy that involves training employees before they take on leadership roles or take over the running of a company. It’s also known as replacement planning and is used to ensure a smooth handover process.

The course is based on research and includes fundamental training on what it takes to become a great leader. Students will develop emotional intelligence and learn how to motivate others. There are two assessments included. The first covers topics relating to leadership, and the second includes an interviewing lesson.

Two versions of the course are included as part of the update. Companies can select single-person succession training or training for their entire organization. The second option includes lifetime access and can be used to train several employees at the same company. To determine the student’s progress, the course uses a points-based system and marks will be determined at the end of each module.

Upon completion, the company says students will be ready to lead teams and take command at their company. They will have developed the strength that is needed to lead an organization and be able to handle the challenges of management. Interested parties can enroll via the sign-up links on the company’s website. The course is currently available at a reduced fee.

Human Potential Matters is a company that’s owned and operated by Dr Bryan Forsyth. He is an expert in leadership, human resource management, and emotional intelligence in the workplace. He has been providing training to professionals for over three decades and is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential.

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