Successful Seniors Retirement Wealth Social Security Coaching Program Launched

Life coach Tammie Shannon of The Shannon Success Strategies launched the “Successful Seniors” program for people over the age of 55. This coaching program helps seniors transition from employment to retirement securely.

Life coach and financial expert Tammie Shannon of The Shannon Success Strategies announced the launch of the “Successful Seniors” program, a new coaching program that teaches how to transition from employment to retirement. Tammie provides people over the age of 55 with the tools to preserve and protect their assets, future and legacy.

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Retirement is a major life change and can lead to a lot of uncertainty. The newly launched “Successful Seniors” program at The Shannon Success Strategies aims to help seniors transition into retirement both securely and confidently.

Although challenging, retirement is one of the greatest opportunities in a person’s life. Retirement and senior coaching provides support as one lets go of their working life and finds a new direction. The result is a retirement life of meaning, quality and fulfillment.

As an awakened life coach and success consultant, Tammie Shannon helps seniors construct a powerful personal plan for their upcoming retirement.

Throughout the “Successful Seniors” program, clients will learn to enhance their life by taking charge of their own financial matters, get the most out of their social security, and grow their wealth without the risk of loss or fees in preparation and during retirement.

At the end of the program, seniors will feel empowered and have peace of mind knowing that they will never be a victim of system abuse or fraud.

Tammie is committed to helping her clients discover what is possible in their lives and to take concrete actions that are personally meaningful, appropriate and positive. Over the past 16 years, she has been aiding individuals, entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe to become more successful in all areas of their life.

Tammie said: “I have always been driven to serve, empower and provide knowledge to others. Since the death of my mother, protecting seniors, like you, has become a personal mission to help you get all the options that build discernment for preservation, protection, prevention and/or intervention.”

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