Subconscious Hypnosis Weight Loss Audio Program Download Launched

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Tom Nicoli's Weight Loss Audio Set has been launched as a download. The eating habits correction hypnotherapy series is guided by a Board Certified Hypnotist. has launched a self-contained series of hypnotherapy audio downloads designed to help subjects lose the urge to overeat. Midge and Janet are sisters in the Boston area who lost weight using the program, developed by Board Certified Hypnotist Tom Nicoli.

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The launch of the audio set download allows use of the program at home without the requirement of visiting the office of Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, CPC.

The prevalence of obesity in the US exceeds 42 percent according to the CDC. The toll in terms of healthcare costs is approximately $150 billion annually.

Preventable diseases related to obesity include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Obesity may also increase the severity of illness in pandemic patients.

In addition to clinical and public policy impacts, the condition presents psychological stress for affected individuals. Eating can be connected to a person’s emotional state, as exemplified by the notion of “comfort food.”

Most people view dieting as the solution and strive to change their eating habits in terms of quantity and quality of the food they consume. But dieting is notoriously challenging due to physiological and metabolic factors. For example, dieting can result in hormonal shifts that increase appetite and result in weight gain, according to Scientific American.

The use of hypnosis instead of dieting, surgery or medication is an alternative, complementary medicine approach. Hypnotherapy, also used for stress reduction and smoking cessation, is widely studied for its value in behavioral change, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Hypnotherapy is considered a safe alternative medical approach when provided by a trained provider.

During hypnosis, subjects focus and concentrate mentally while maintaining complete control over their own behavior. The Hypnotist guides clients to a receptive state of mind using the power of suggestion to encourage reaching weight loss goals.

The result is the subconscious internal motivation to eat less, literally changing people’s minds in a healthful direction.

Participants like Midge and Janet changed what or how much they eat simply because, subconsciously, they wanted to do so. They reported a new attitude about food and less desire to overeat without needing to follow a diet regimen. Each sister went down two dress sizes in about two months.

Nicoli’s successes have received significant attention in the press. Dateline NBC followed the story of a pastry chef who lost 40 pounds through hypnosis with Nicoli. Shape magazine, in conjunction with Harvard Medical School, rated his hypnosis program highest among several examined in a special report.

“Instead of a grueling ‘diet,’ hypnosis helps you want to eat healthy food and eat sensible portions automatically,” said Nicoli, who is also president and founder of Master Visionary Coaching. “It’s like flipping a switch in your head to just want to do what’s better for you.”

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