Stylish Travel Bags Practical Leather Mens Minimalist Designs Launched

A new range of premium men’s bags and accessories has been launched by Barrett Masso. They are minimalist in style and made to the highest quality, in the same vein as Public Rec, Mack Weldon, Theory and James Perse.

Barrett Masso have announced that the release of their line of premium quality men’s bags and accessories. The online menswear brand offers products that are stylish and practical for travel.

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Barrett Masso explains that he is an entrepreneur, avid traveler and a modern day minimalist. With this in mind he created his online store offering high quality products that show them to be an up and coming men’s brand offering the minimalist aesthetic in the same vein as brands such as Public Rec, Mack Weldon, Theory and James Perse.

Minimalism is a current trend and philosophy that simple and good quality is better than and abundance of cheap and fast possessions. This trend lends itself to clutter free homes and streamlined wardrobes, freeing the mind from sartorial choices to think of other things. Barrett designed his first bag on this need for simplicity and quality when traveling.

The site states that Barrett is a believer in the adage ‘quality over quantity’ and designed his bags with two simple concepts. Firstly, the bag must suit all occasions, meaning it is the only bag the user ever needs.

Secondly, the bag must be a high quality product. This concept has led Barrett to finding unique leathers from tanneries across the globe when on his travels. Each time he finds a new leather, he creates a limited run of between 5-10 bags.

Barrett Masso’s premium leather duffle bags are designed with clean lines for a smart look. It is intended as carry-on luggage and the spacious interior boasts zipped pockets and a micro-suede lining. The bag and matching accessories, such as toiletry bags and passports holders, are available in 5 different colors.

The company states that: “We believe we have accomplished what we set out to do, which was to create the perfect bag for the modern-day minimalist, without losing focus on class, aesthetic, and craftsmanship.”

Those wishing to find out about Barrett Masso and their range of minimalist aesthetic bags can visit the website on the link provided above.

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