Study Suggests Exercise Benefits Brain – Report Released On Brain Health Tips

Brain health comes from more than just eating the right foods. Physical exercise can also contribute to brain health. Exercise that is good for the heart is good for the brain.

Exercise is important for brain health. In a recent study with mice it was found that exercise increases the number of brain neurons. And while the study involved mice, not people, often results from mice are extrapolated onto people.

It is already know that training in dance or music strengthens the brain’s attention span. Exercise stimulates the brain. This is a consideration in today’s world, where so many adults and children are sedentary. It may account for the innate need that people find to get out and go to a gym when they have a 9-5 desk job.

This year, it is time to get moving for brain and general health.

IA sedentary lifestyle can lead to health problems. Exercise moves the blood and the brain needs blood. Generally, exercises that are good for the heart are good for the brain. Walking, running, and cycling are all good exercises.

Even if a person is chair-bound, there are still exercise regimes that are available. These can be easily found online through a YouTube search.

Other exercise for the brain can involve social activity and brain games. Crossword puzzles, reading, and things that challenge brain activity are good. For seniors, it might be possible to take free courses online or through a local community college. There are apps for training the brain. A person can try to stretch the brain by doing something never attempted before, such as learning to play a musical instrument.

Besides exercise, sleep is also important for the brain. Children need more sleep (9-11 hours) than adults. However adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Consistently getting enough rest can lead to brain improvement over time. Sleep gives the body time to remove toxins from the brain. Brain function can be impaired through a lack of sleep.

Salmon and walnuts are good brain foods. It is recommended to avoid the use of aluminum cookware as high levels of aluminum may be a factor in Alzheimer’s Disease.


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