Study Shows Not All Safety Glasses Are Safe Enough

Experts say not all safety glasses will protect users from eye damage.

Millions of people rely on safety glasses or safety googles to protect their eyes when working in industrial environments, word working shops and other areas where there is a potential for eye damage to occur. But a report by the American National Standards Institute committee calls into question whether or not most safety glasses on the market would truly protect wearers in case of an accident.

“I’m in the field and I didn’t know I wasn’t protected,” said Dr. Paul Vinger, a member of the committee. “Right now, there’s no clear way to know whether you are fully protected. You should know if your goggles will shatter on impact. This is a big problem.”

According to the committee, some safety glasses may not be safe enough. To combat this, the committee recommends that people use glasses made with polycarbonate, but there are still some safety goggle manufacturers using glass, allyn resin plastic and high-index plastic.

According to the committee, 5 to 8 percent of all workplace injuries are due to eye injuries, and most of those occur when foreign bodies strike an eye at high impact. The role of safety glasses is to prevent those types of injuries, but if wearers use the wrong type of glasses, they may still become injured.

“The key to using polycarbonate is to get glasses with an ultra clear lens,” says a seller of popular safety glasses. “Because if you don’t, you won’t be able to focus clearly on the job at hand, and that could put you at risk again.”

The best safety glasses are made with ultra clear polycarbonate lenses, an adjustable core wire to insure the glasses fit snugly and won’t fall off, and side protection.

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