Study Reveals Strength Training the Legs Reshapes Body & Betters Quality of Life

Study Reveals Strength Training the Legs Reshapes Body & Betters Quality of Life. Leg presses allow a person to fully target the largest muscle groups in the body, located in the legs & buttocks.

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Science Reveals Leg Press Exercise Can Reshape the Body and Enhance Quality of Life

Spending only two minutes per session with the exercise known as the slow-motion strength training leg press has been shown to drastically tone and strengthen the body because in one brief period the exercise addresses all the major muscles of the leg. Using the leg press machine allows a person to fully target the largest muscle groups in the body, located in the legs and buttocks.

As with all slow-motion strength training exercises, it is only necessary to do the leg press for approximately one to two minutes to get results, assuming that the amount of resistance required to achieve deep muscle fatigue or “muscle success” is applied in that period. Although a full workout involves other exercises, doing the leg press is the best use of a person’s workout time, because the muscles that are mainly involved in the leg press are the gluteus maximus (the buttocks), the quadriceps (front of the thigh), and the hamstrings (back of the thigh). Moreover, major muscles of the lower leg are used — the gastrocnemius (calves) and the tibialis anterior (shin area).

An experiment reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine assessed changes in bone density among women aged 65 to 75 after one year of strength training. During the study, the tendency to lose bone material that normally accompanies aging was reversed. The leg press was the only significant lower body exercise done by the participants. Moreover, the leg press was shown to assist in strengthening the muscles of the lower back, as no other exercise was done for the lower back region. By improving bone density, the leg press lowers the risk of fractures in high-risk populations such as the elderly. Additionally, studies show that among the many other benefits of the leg press are enhanced athletic measures and quality of life, as well as reduced arthritis pain.

As is any slow-motion strength training exercise, the leg press is extremely challenging, but when performed to muscle success the leg press maximizes the number of muscle fibers that can be employed in the exercise. Other leg exercises only complement the leg press by placing added emphasis on separate muscles. It is the efficiency of the leg press that makes few other lower body exercises necessary. Many individuals typically spend 45 minutes to an hour doing leg exercises but the leg portion of a workout at The Perfect Workout often takes less than ten minutes, largely due to the efficiency and effectiveness of performing a challenging set on the leg press.

Thus, the intense effort required to do the leg press until muscle success is achieved in fitness training offers an abundance of important benefits for both an individual’s body and quality of life.

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