Study Reveals Shocking Lack of Online Presence for Brick Paving Companies

Brick pavers are not taking control of their online image.

With the majority of buyers using the Internet to search for information before making a purchase, it is now more important than ever for businesses to be able to control how they appear online.

Unfortunately, according to recent research undertaken by online marketing company Gecko Gully, a majority of businesses of some types don’t have a web site or any other online presence that they can control themselves.

Among these business types are brick paving companies. Christine F. Abela from Gecko Gully said today “When we looked at brick paving companies in major cities, we found that only about ten percent had their own web site. The rest were relying on directory sites, review sites and social media to drum up business online.”

This, according to Abela, is leaving control of their online presence in the hands of others. Only through having their own web site, she says, can they manage what is seen when people search for them. And, she says, by being one of the very few in their area with their own web site, they can appear to be the biggest and most professional.

Brick pavers have an opportunity to reach out to new clients through a web site that shows their work in its best light. They can add videos showing completed projects, client testimonials or just introducing themselves. They can put up examples of the brick paving work they have done, with the stories behind them. Their web site can contain all their contact details, in a place that is easy for them to keep up to date.

“On the other hand,” says Abela, “Brick paving companies without a web site are pretty much working with their fingers crossed, hoping nobody writes something negative that ranks well in Google. A company web site can be a place for positive, glowing testimonials, as well as a place where those not so happy can openly discuss their issue, and get a great resolution from the company.”

In addition to finding that a lot of brick paving companies had no web site, the Gecko Gully research also found that, among those that do have web sites, about half were in need of help.

“The biggest problems we found were that the web sites brick paving companies do have are ranking very poorly on Google. Some have done some work to improve ranking, but some of the techniques used were well out-of-date,” said Abela. Techniques like keyword stuffing are, according to Abela, now considered detrimental to Google rank, while other techniques like article marketing were very poorly done.

Another problem highlighted by the Gecko Gully study was that a lot of brick paving web sites are not mobile friendly. From April 21 2015, Google is favouring mobile-compatible web sites in searches on mobile devices. This, according to Abela, means that many web sites simply disappear off Google for the approximately 60% of people who search using a mobile device.

“Often,” says Abela, “It looks very much like the brick paving business has built the site themselves, or had a kid or friend do it. Just as no good brick paving company would ask a web site builder to lay their paving for them, they shouldn’t expect anyone other than a web site professional to do an expert job of building their web site.”

In order to help brick paving companies take back control online, Gecko Gully has set up , where they explain the issues faced by brick paving companies trying to achieve local dominance. Gecko Gully is providing both fast, template-based web sites as well as custom-built sites, along with video marketing, press releases and directory listing education.

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