Studies Suggest Zucchini Noodles Will Replace Pasta Noodles Due to Health Advantages

Adhering to a Paleo diet is made easier than ever with use of the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer. Use of the innovative kitchen gadget allows a large variety of healthy vegetables to become substitutes for less nutritional pasta and noodle.

As the Paleo diet continues to increase in popularity, the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer promotes the replacement of pasta with a healthy vegetable alternative.

The Paleo diet has been gaining an increasing number of followers over the last few years and many individuals ranging from nutritionists to celebrities believe it’s a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can also however, be described as a fairly strict diet, as there are a large number of food groups that must be cut out in order to subscribe to a Palaeolithic diet. The key to success is learning how to replace forbidden foodstuffs and ingredients with healthier and permitted alternatives. One prime example of such a substitution is regular pasta replaced by vegetable pasta.

Vegetable pasta is a concept that has truly taken off in a remarkable way throughout the United States and beyond. With the use of a vegetable pasta maker such as the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer, it is possible to create instant noodle-like ribbons out of a large variety of vegetables. Zoodles are noodles made from zucchini, a vegetable that has quickly emerged as a favourite for use in this way. The size and form of a zucchini makes it ideal to twist by hand through the pencil-sharpener like device. Other vegetables can be used in the same way however, with carrot, cucumber, beets, squashes and sweet potato being popular choices.

Vegetable pasta has proven particularly successful with those people following the Paleo diet as it opens up so many opportunities for an increased variety of dishes. Traditional pasta is made from wheat, and the Paleo diet requires the elimination of all grains. Rather than giving up on pasta dishes all together, the key is to learn how to substitute the man-made processed foods for a more natural and healthy alternative. The Very Healthy Spiral Slicer is a kitchen gadget that is making it easier than ever to use a large variety of vegetables as replacements for pasta and noodles.

Pasta is not the only example of an ingredient that can quite simply be replaced by a similar yet healthier alternative. Olive oil and coconut oil can be used to replace canola oil and vegetable oils respectively; kale chips can replace potato chips; almond butter can replace peanut butter; and sugar can be replaced with honey to offer just a few examples. Ultimately, the Paleo diet focuses on the ingredients that were available to man during the Palaeolithic era. Innovative modern day gadgets such as the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer are making it easier than ever for replacing processed foods with natural and healthier alternatives.

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