Studies Show that Magnetic Letters teach more than Spelling

Studies prove that magnetic ABC letters teach children more than spelling. Colored hearing is the ability of one person to associate colors with words and letters.

Recent research reveals that magnetic letters and numbers teach children more than spelling and learning how to count. The term called “colored hearing” was coined by psychologists during the 19th century describing one’s ability to see letters in color.

Today, psychologists are still studying colored hearing which is now more formally called as synesthesia. It is now expanded to include just colors associated with hearing a letter spoken out loud. Association between letters and colors are the most common form of synesthesia. Other forms are numbers and colors, sounds and smells, and even movement/activities and colors.

Somasix, local company known for manufacturing eco-friendly educational games for kids, attest to how magnetic ABC letters improve the way children learn and remember. According to their research and observation among customers, many of them were surprised that their children, especially those in early toddler years, were more able to learn and read words and associate meanings to these words through colored educational toys like ABC magnets.

Colored hearing helps especially very young children to understand and remember words better as it is better engrained in their minds as compared to other forms of spelling. The process of synesthesia makes it easier for a child to build connections between words and actions, or words and movements, by associating it with a visual element, which in this case is color.

While the debate is still ongoing whether or not there is a direct link of synesthesia and fast learning, evidence gathered by experts are proof enough that the use of these educational toys may go beyond learning how to spell.

“People may think it’s just magnetic letters. But it goes beyond learning how to spell words or their names. Adding colors to a word or even with just a letter makes it simpler for young minds to recall what letter “J” looks like. And the fact that simple palettes are used oftentimes, like in Somasix, ABC magnets are fashioned after the colors of the rainbow, it makes things less complicated. Definitely, the best toy to give any child,” said Somasix CEO Obada Yousif, who is also a passionate advocate of positive parenting and fun learning.

The use of educational toys for kids have long been known for its effect on children particularly on improving their intellect and logic. It also helps engage a child’s senses. Most educational toys available in the market are designed to trigger and make use of a child’s sense of touch, smell, hearing, and visual association.

Learning toys also provide the best learning experience for children that is both challenging and fun. By associating learning with fun at an early age, it prepares a good study habit for children which is crucial during their academic years.

“Parents should be advocates of letting their kids have fun playing with educational toys. A parent’s choice of toy plays a huge role in a child’s development not just mentally but also physically and social behavior. The toys parents buy for their children can definitely make a difference,” said Yousif.

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