Stucco Contractor in Jacksonville FL Hurricane Season Readiness Recommendations

Stucco Repair Pros, stucco contractor located in Jacksonville FL issues recommendations for preparing your stucco home for upcoming hurricane season to avoid stucco damage.

Stucco Repair Pros headquartered in Jacksonville, FL wants to remind residents and business owners of greater Jacksonville, Florida that another hurricane season is getting closer. Leadership of stucco repair company would like for every residential and commercial property owner in the area to be prepared for the high winds and rain which can possible damage their exterior stucco wall.

Every year Florida’s hurricane season officially begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th. The middle of August to the end of October is what’s known as the peak of the season.

Even though the anticipation of the hurricane season brings anxiety people should be diligent in doing what can be done to avoid unnecessary damage that these forces of nature could cause to a home or commercial property.

To be better prepared for what is coming in a few weeks everyone is urged to plan ahead.

Stucco repair company spokesperson states that it is crucial to perform an inspection of your home or business structure to make sure that there are no stucco cracks present which can be a entry point for water intrusion. High winds and strong rain can surely make a small crack a lot bigger and will give water easy access to the interior walls of the building.

These exterior stucco home inspection can be as simple as a homeowner walking around their property and taking note of any cracks in stucco, holes and even little hairline cracks that can bee seen. Or could be as complicated as stucco contractors taking a few hours and inspecting entire stucco exterior of residential home or business. In this case homeowner or commercial property owner could possible be paying a fee for stucco repair contractors time during such in-depth inspection.

It is highly recommended that people should pay very close attention to any bulging or bubbling stucco on the exterior of their home or business. Wind-driven rain can easily penetrate small spaces between stucco coat and masonry wall cause a lot of damage to your exterior stucco wall. Large parts of exterior stucco wall has been seen falling off during the last hurricane.

Some tiny hairline cracks in stucco can easily be repair by the homeowner by purchasing a stucco repair kit from their local home improvement store and following some simple instruction, bot for stucco cracks and holes that are bigger, wider and deeper it is recommended to hire stucco repair contractor who is experienced in taking care of such issues.

Following this advice local property owners can avoid stucco damage that will be a lot more costly to repair.

Stucco Repair Pros urges everyone who is not sure what to do when they find that their stucco exterior has any type of stucco damage to call Stucco Repair Pros who can be reached at (904) 606-5353 to schedule a free stucco repair estimate appointment.

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