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Community Watch launched “How Really Safe Is Your Password Security?”, a new report on how to create a strong password and minimize the risk of identity theft and other types of cybercrime.

Community Watch, an informative website specializing in neighborhood community safety information, launched a new report on password security. “How Really Safe Is Your Password Security?” aims to provide readers with practical tips on how to create a strong password, as well as other helpful information to prevent identity theft and other types of digital fraud.

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Password security has become essential for modern online users, as the risk of identity theft, data hacking and other forms of cybercrimes has increased considerably in recent years.

The new report by Community Watch aims to provide everyone with an easy-to-read guide on how to create strong passwords and protect themselves against cyber fraud.

According to th report, “informed netizens can protect themselves better against the hackers by following basic guidelines and taking the appropriate precautions. The current article provides the dangers associated with password theft and identity theft and the basic precautions to follow for safeguarding against the same.”

One of the first steps towards creating a strong password is choosing a long string of characters, rather than the still-in-use weak passwords such as “123456” or “password”. A longer password makes it difficult for hackers to use the “brute force attack” – a computer program designed to generate every possible character combination – to crack a password.

Adding random characters is another important safety tip for creating a password that is difficult to crack. For instance, rather than using words that are found in the dictionary, users can insert additional characters to increase the safety of their password.

Other tips include adding special characters such as #, @, $ and others, and avoiding the inclusion of personal information.

Finally, users can also consider using a password manager service to automatically generate strong passwords and keep them encrypted and available exclusively to the user.

The report concludes with a series of important tips on preventing identity theft, phishing and other types of cybercrime.

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