Strong Demand For Ducted Gas Heating Installation & Replacement Continues

Sydney based Alliance Climate Control, in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media, confirmed that the strong demand for their ducted (central) gas heating installation and replacement services continues.

Founded in 2014, the company has over 33 team members, including installation, service and accounts. They have over 100 years of combined work experience in their team of highly trained HVAC specialists and technicians.

In an interview with Eleven Media, James Kuzmanovski, Founder of Alliance Climate Control said, “Despite the major disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuing to experience strong growth in demand for our ducted gas heating installation and repair services, in particular from home owners in Sydney’s Mosman, Rose Bay, Bondi and Randwick suburbs.

Alliance Climate Control state the installation of a gas heating system is a safe and energy efficient way to deliver clean and comfortable heated air to any home or building. They install Brivis central gas heating system which consists of a heat exchanger using either natural gas or LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) for combustion. The heat exchanger is located outside to ensure combustion gases are safely exhausted harmlessly to the atmosphere.

During operation, clean, fresh outside air is drawn into the air intake and heated as it passes over hot heat exchanger tubes, this heated air is then ducted to outlet grilles which are positioned in each room either mounted to the floor, wall or ceiling.

Additional grilles are located throughout the building to recirculate some of the heated air. Thermostats in each room monitor room temperature, triggering more combustion to produce heat as needed.

A gas fueled, central gas heated system is safer and cheaper to run than other forms of heating. Electronic ignition provides safe operation and peace of mind, no need for continuous pilot lights to burn. Individual command centres are also provided in each room to allow varying room temperatures to be selected.

Timer functions can enable electronic ignition in the heat exchanger to commence heating at a pre-arranged time, providing comfortable warmth on demand or alternatively, to turn off the system when not required.

A central gas heating system has many benefits. These are some of them:

+ Central gas heating is a more efficient method of producing heat for residential or commercial living spaces with energy savings of 30% not unusual.

+ Ignition of the heat exchanger and commencement of heating is completely safe using electronic ignition means. This means it is totally safe to commence gas combustion at any time even if no-one is present.

+ Air blowers moving heated air across the heat exchanger to room outlets, use variable speed technology to ensure air is comfortably heated before room entry. As the room set temperature is reached, fan speed reduces to maintain the set temperature in each room independently and within an acceptable and comfortable range.

Alliance Climate Control are licensed air conditioning installers & Electricians that offer a five year installation warranty*. The company, since inception, has helped over 10,000 local customers, maintained over 13,000 air conditioning units and replaced in excess of 15000 units.

Mr Kuzmanovski said, “we are proud authorised dealers of Daikin, Fujitsu, Actron Air, Brivis, Kelvinator, as well as others, and our association with these leading brands have assisted us create our own premier air conditioning services company brand in Sydney”

To learn more about Alliance Climate Control and their ducted gas heating services, visit the website here:

About Alliance Climate Control

Alliance Climate Control is Sydney based and understand that every home and the way the household live in their home is unique. The Alliance Climate Control approach is to get the right installation for the customer requirements, their home and their life. Because they believe this, they make sure that they listen to the client needs and give the highest quality advice for meeting their climate control needs.

The company believe in working out the details carefully with the customer from the start, to ensure there are absolutely no hidden or surprise charges. Honesty & quality service from dedicated professionals are the core values of the company.

Whether you have an existing home, are looking to build a new home, planning that extension or even just thinking about an upgrade from your old air conditioning system; with Alliance Climate Control thorough inspections, evaluations, and planning home owners can be sure that the most comfortable and economical air conditioning system to suit your home and budget will be provided.

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