Stretchsit Cushion: Back support cushion that stretches your spine

Back support cushion that elongates your spine.

The Stretchsit Cushion helps transform most chairs into comfortable seats that provide gentle traction. This cushion elongates rather than compresses your low back, giving you the natural, healthy spinal shape your were born with. When used regularly, it rejuvenates your back by lengthening the long muscles of your back and providing more space for your spinal discs and nerves. The Stretchsit Cushion comes with two extension straps that allow you to adapt the cushion to whatever chair or seat you are in. The Stretchsit Cushion is comfortable and easy to install and use.

This product has been designed by a top back expert and leading authority in back pain – Esther Gokhale’s. Her book 8 Steps to a pain free back has been hailed “The greatest contribution made to non-surgical back pain.”

Back support cushion that stretches your spine

Strengthen and stretch your back muscles

Portable, compact (9.5’’x8’’)

Foam coated with grey fabric and friction nubs

Recommended by Doctors

Customer Review:

Your spine will thank you for using this

“Been using this for about a week. It definitely takes some getting used to, but as someone who spends long sessions working at the desk, my observation with this thing is that

A) It silently reminds you to adjust your posture every so often


B) I actually feel taller.

I lost 2″ of height 8yrs ago from a deployment where I routinely carried more weight up and down mountains than I weighed myself. Between chiropractic care, regular massages, foam roller, posture mindfulness, and occasional rest, the best I was able to get back was 1.5″ of that on a good day. The claim about this product gently stretching your spine is totally legit. I can always tell what effect anything has on the health of my spine by which way I have to adjust the rear view mirror when I get in the driver’s seat. Normally a long session of sitting “activity” requires tilting the rear view down. After using this product, I have been tilting the rear view UP. It won’t make you taller than your frame, but my experience is that it helps you reclaim height you may have lost from your spinal discs getting compressed. Using this my back doesn’t lock up as bad from extended sitting work like it used to do very consistently. If you have issues with spinal compression you’d be shooting yourself in the foot by not giving this a try.

One note on placement: I don’t know how it can do its thing if you use it as a lumbar cushion – I’ve been placing it in mid-back region for traction.”

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