Strength Training For Beginners On A Budget Workout Program Guide Launched

Fitness Fahrenheit has released a beginner’s guide to strength training. This scheme targets those who want to build muscles or lose weight as well as hard gainers who are on a budget.

Fitness Fahrenheit has launched yet another guide to the health-conscious portion of society and those aspiring to get there. The guide this time is aimed at teaching first-timers in strength training on how to go about doing so.

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Though the general aim of strength training is to gain muscles, some individuals practice it with the intent of losing weight, for which it can also be effective. The new guide, compiled by Fitness Fahrenheit’s founder Koji Preston, first acknowledges the fact that following a strength training regime can sometimes be difficult.

This is especially so given that many beginners at times do not know where to begin. One may even feel overwhelmed by the millions of self-proclaimed “fitness gurus” telling at times giving out contradicting information. This further causes one to feel the need to give up before even getting started.

In light of this, the army veteran, who is himself a fitness trainer, decided to create a detailed guide on the pros and cons of strength training and the correct way to go about it. Whether one’s aim is to gain strength or muscle mass or strengthen one’s joints, the guide aims to assist with specific workout and nutrition/meal information to make the process as simple as possible.

“Strength training isn’t just for the bodybuilder or the personal trainer who wants to outmuscle others. A decent balance of strength training should be a part of every fitness routine. Heck, even runners head to the weight room to shave time off their personal records,” Koji explained.

The benefits to strength training that are listed in the guide are improved strength and strength levels, muscle leanness which is equivalent to decreased fat, stronger muscles which result in stronger joints, and overall increased health.

In addressing the nutritional portion of strength training, Koji advises that participants should consume one gram of protein per day while incorporating the use of multivitamins, drink plenty of water, and consume a controlled amount of carbs. Added to this, the guide advises that one should eat every two to three hours. This, it says, will keep the body in muscle-building mode.

In relation to the actual workout routines, the fitness trainer cautions participants to avoid acclimating in order to ensure consistent results.

“One of the keys to getting consistent results is to change your workouts periodically. One of the fundamental principles of spurring muscle growth is ‘shock’. That is, you must give your muscles a decent amount of exercise stress for them to grow. So, a good rule of thumb is to change your workout approach every 8-10 weeks,” he explained.

Apart from a detailed meal plan, the program also lists the types of workouts beginners should do for strength training and the areas in the body that they target. Some of these include squats and lunges for the quads/glutes, pull-ups and barbell rows for the back, bench press which targets the chest, and dumbbell curls for the forearms.

Koji’s guide not only ensures success in achieving one’s body goals but once followed correctly it will also help participants to avoid potential injuries.

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