Streaming Geolocation Hardware Fast Stream Access To Games And Videos Launched

The updated version of the StreamLocator has been launched. This hub is attached to a router and bypasses blocks to certain games and streaming services.

StreamLocator has launched the latest version of its plug and play geolocation hardware. It features a new hub that is significantly faster than its previous version and can run multiple HD and 4K streams at the same time. Streamlocator allows users to access games and streaming services fully no matter where they are located on the planet.

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The launch of this version of StreamLocator was prompted by popular demand for a more versatile version of this popular product. StreamLocator’s updated version now offers a reliable and hassle-free way to watch international streaming services, including 8 x Netflix country catalogs and forty other streaming services.

The updated version creates a WiFi network that anyone can connect any WiFi-enabled device to and then stream from, without having to install any apps or software. This means that it works on Smart TVs, Games Consoles and Streaming Sticks such as Roku, which don’t allow VPN apps.

The updated version of this hub is faster and can handle multiple HD and 4K streams at the same time. StreamLocator allows multiple members of the household to watch different services, from different countries at the same time. StreamLocator does not throttle internet speed, meaning non-streaming activity is unaffected.

A company spokesman said,” We built StreamLocator, so customers can have a simple way to watch what they want, wherever they are in the world. We are based in Toronto and our team combines experience from the networking and security divisions of companies like Cisco, Blackberry, and Dell. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to stay one step ahead of content blockers.”

The launch of this equalizing software and hardware can now make what people pay for fully accessible no matter their location.

The specifications of the hub include speeds up to 867Mbps+300Mbps speed with dual-band 2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac WiFi, 1 x WAN and 4 x LAN and Gigabit Ethernet Ports. The internet was built without borders, and the company believes it should stay that way.

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