Strawberry Valley California Aquatic Weed Azolla Removal Services Launched

DK Environmental, available at (925) 935-4200, has launched an updated range of services for removal of excessive aquatic vegetation in Strawberry Valley California including azolla, cattail, water iris, and bulrush.

DK Environmental, specialists in emergent aquatic vegetation removal, have launched an updated range of services in Strawberry Valley California. The company specializes in removing excessive aquatic weeds, including azolla, cattail, water iris, and bulrush.

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The company uses amphibious aquatic equipment to clean aquatic weeds from water systems throughout California.

Aquatic weeds are an important component of lakes and ponds since they produce oxygen through daylight photosynthesis, thereby providing habitat for fish. The problem arises, though, when these aquatic weeds become excessive in a body of water.

Excessive growth of these plants, for example, can actually prevent fish from having the oxygen needed for survival, resulting in an abundance of dead fish.

Overgrowth of aquatic weeds also provides perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes that may carry diseases, such including the West Nile and Zika viruses. Removing the overgrowth of these weeds is an important part of mosquito control.

In addition, weeds can obstruct the flow of water and block flood control channels. DK Environmental uses amphibious aquatic equipment to clear clogged waterways, allowing stormwater to flow freely.

Lakes and ponds often look beautiful when some aquatic weeds are present, but when they become choked with weeds, recreational activities become disrupted since boat propellers can be damaged by weeds and swimmers can even become entangled in the weeds. DK Environmental clears the overgrowth.

Since its founding in 1996, DK Environmental has been serving commercial and residential clients in the removal of excess aquatic weeds from water systems throughout California. The company uses Aquamog amphibious equipment in various sizes, so they can access water systems of various sizes, from lakes to ponds.

Owner Dave McNabb has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and was the first person to operate Aquamog machinery in the United States.

Lake and pond managers can contact DK Environmental at (925) 935-4200 for a complimentary consultation to discuss their needs. Interested parties can also find more information by visiting

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