“Stories That Nurture: A Travel Companion for Your Soul” Over 50 Short Stories

“Stories That Nurture: A Travel Companion for Your Soul” Offers Over 50 Compelling & Inspiring Short Stories The collection of short stories is the newest release by author John Johnston. Offering encouragement and helpful insights that can be applied to any reader’s journey of self-discovery.

San Diego, CA – “Stories That Nurture: A Travel Companion for Your Soul” expertly combines personal experiences, historic events, creative stories, and self-help principles to create a uniquely inspiring read. Author John Johnston wrote each of the 5 dozen short stories present in this 154-page volume, offering readers a helpful companion for all of life’s journeys.

Since its release in July 2017, the book has been met with a positive response from readers. It is described as “insightful,” “easily digested,” “interesting,” “entertaining,” “[a] healthy antidote for today’s empty media,” and “one of the most uplifting and inspiring books of its generation.” A book review by Mamta Madhavan for Reader’s Favorite describes it as a “direct and honest…opportunity to look at the nuances of life and understand that these are calls to the soul to discover new things.” The title currently has 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon Kindle.

Author John Johnson is a California-born Vietnam War veteran and former English teacher. Of his newest publication, he says,

“My intention for this little book is to reach out to you and to others through these stories in a way that I hope offers you insights, soul nurturing and encouragement on your colossal journey and perchance help you discover a greater sense of personal value, soul awareness, joy and divine understanding.”

Stories That Nurture: A Travel Companion for Your Soul is available as an e-book download, a paperback print version, and an audiobook. The e-book retails for $9.99, the paperback is priced at $14.95, and the audiobook is available at $6.95. Interested readers can listen to a sample of the audiobook or enter their email to receive a free sample chapter before purchasing. The audiobook is also available for free to readers with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Visit www.storiesthatnurture.com or search for the title on Amazon to purchase.

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