Stop Double Crested Cormorants, Otters From Eating Fish in TX Hill Country Lakes

Double Crested Cormorants and River Otters are predators who will eat bass and forage fish in private lakes and fisheries. It is necessary to know current legal guidelines to remove them.

Predation from River Otters and Double Crested Cormorants is a serious problem facing private lake owners in Texas Hill Country and other parts of Texas. River otters attack larger adult fish species, as well as smaller fish. Double Crested Cormorants dive in and catch forage fish. Between the two species, they can seriously decimate or unbalance a fishery population.

If otters are suspected, Lochow Ranch Pond & Lake Management can direct fishery owner or manager inquiries to a licensed trapper.

River Otters are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout Texas. They efficiently catch and feed on prey that is easy to catch and that includes slower-moving species such as bass and catfish.

As large flocks of Cormorants migrate, they can consume forage fish in private lakes and fisheries along their route. Each individual Double Breasted Cormorant can consume around three pounds of fish daily. Therefore, large flocks can consume thousands of dollars in forage fish each day.

There are many deterrent methods that can be effective at times such as: propane cannons, alligator heads, scare crows, monofilament lines and drones. These deterrent methods should be supplemented with direct human disturbance as often as possible. Remember all migratory birds are protected, including cormorants, so any deterrent methods must be non-lethal.

View this video on Double Breasted Cormorants.

If a fishery, pond, or lake has been damaged by predators, it will be important to conduct an electrofishing survey in the spring to determine “after-predator” fish population densities.

Lochow Ranch Pond and Lake Management uses a top-of-the-line electrofishing boat to accurately and effectively assess fish populations so lake and pond owners can take action to make their respective body of water all it can be. Serving Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, their expert biologists, technicians, and other professionals can meet goals of putting ecosystems back in order.

They will help owners maintain a healthy lake with the right predator-to-prey ratio for strong growth rates in game and forage fish.

If it involves a private lake, pond, or fishery, Lochow Ranch Pond and Lake Management has the expertise to solve any problem.

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