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Marriage Disconnect announced that the new “Save My Marriage Today” course is now available for couples who are struggling to save their marriage and consider getting a divorce.

Marriage Disconnect announced the launch of the “Save My Marriage Today” course, a new e-book that helps people save their marriage and recover from infidelity. This step-by-step guide was designed to strengthen and rebuild a strong intimate marriage.

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When couples feel stuck in an unhealthy marriage, are frustrated, unhappy and considering divorce, it can be beneficial to look for guidance in a step-by-step course for having a loving and fulfilling relationship. The newly launched Save My Marriage Today” course aims to be a crucial tool to create profound and sustainable change in one’s marriage.

According to Marriage Disconnect, any marriage can be saved. It is also possible for spouses to fall deeply in love with each other again and build a mutually satisfying relationship that will stand the test of time.

“Save My Marriage Today” was created for a marriage in crisis and can help partners figure out what went wrong in their relationship and how to fix it. The course can help couples understand the true consequences of divorce and discover how they are destroying their chances of saving their marriage.

This new ebook can help couples who are trying to decide whether to stay together or who are currently separated, as well as couples who cannot stop fighting and are trying to recover from an affair.

The “Save My Marriage Today” course offers partners the tools to understand each other and communicate at intimate levels. At the end of the course, couples will be able to create a positive environment that focuses on the future and not the past or blame, fall back in love with one another, and have the chance to fix their marriage instead of ending it.

A satisfied client said: “Before I came across your book my marriage was in serious danger of heading towards divorce. Now we are in a better place than we ever were before. Thank you so much!”

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