Stockton CA Best Reverse Mortgage Loans Expert Consultations And Advice Launched

Belinda Butcher, a mortgage professional in Stockton, California is showing seniors in the area how a reverse mortgage can create additional monthly income without incurring a monthly payment.

Belinda Butcher of De’Lane Financial Solutions in Stockton, California, has launched an educational program to teach seniors about a financial tool that can allow them to utilize their home equity as an income source. Belinda uses reverse mortgages to give seniors the income they need without selling their houses and without the burden of monthly payments.

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The launch of this effort helps seniors with the information they need to decide whether they would like to take a loan against their home’s value to supplement their income. Belinda is an experienced mortgage originator and is helping seniors in Stockton and throughout San Joaquin County.

A reverse mortgage is a mortgage that is collateralized by a lien against a house. It allows the borrowers to use the equity in a home as a source of income without making payments. The loans are marketed to the elderly who need a supplemental monthly income source and have sufficient equity built up in their house.

Many seniors in Stockton and the surrounding area bought homes decades ago and have hundreds of thousands of dollars available through a reverse mortgage because of the rapid rise in home prices in the last thirty years. As a result, many of these homeowners find that a reverse mortgage is a useful and effective strategy in their retirement years.

Belinda works with each of her clients like they are a member of her family. She has the necessary skill set to explain the details of a reverse mortgage to her clients and provide them with the best product for their needs.

A company spokesperson said, “At De’Lane Financial Solutions, we work with our clients and carefully review their financial obligations to see if a reverse mortgage makes sense. We bring seventeen years of financial industry experience to every decision. Clients can rely on us for clear guidance through complicated choices.”

Belinda Butcher can also assist clients with other loan products, including Conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, Native American. Interested parties may visit the website and apply for loans and mortgages online and sign documents via email.

The launch of this educational program to the seniors in Stockton aims to help seniors understand if a reverse mortgage is right for them.

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