Stock Value Screener Expert Trading Trigger Metrics Investor Plan Launched

Stock Value, a subscription service, has been launched by Founder and CEO David Hall to give investors simple yet in-depth methods to accurately evaluate stocks for profitable trading.

A stock valuation screening service has been launched by Stock Value with tools and formulas to assist investors in accurately evaluating what stocks to buy and when to buy and sell.

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Investors tend to look only at basic performance indicators like price-to-earnings ratio, according to tutorials from the newly launched Stock Value service, which also examines non-standard metrics to provide investors with data-driven decision points.

More than half of Americans have some investment in the stock market, according to Forbes, but only a small subset of investors engage in active trading.

The launch of Stock Value provides investors with a way to assess the intrinsic or true value of a stock, which may be much higher, or lower, than its current valuation. Stock Value incorporates core considerations often overlooked by investors including debt structure, expenses, return on initial equity, and other meaningful measures.

The Stock Value membership plan is based on the concept of insider tracking. As opposed to insider trading, insider tracking refers to thinking like a knowledgeable investor to make profitable transaction choices.

Features of the Stock Value screener include unlimited searches, a targeted watch list, detailed statistics, proprietary stock valuation formulas, graphical “sale” or “no sale” advisories, an inside track on corporate leadership activities, programmed trading trigger methodologies, and tutorials. Informative charts and tables reflect in-depth analyses of holdings and watch lists.

Stock Value provides a focused approach developed by company Founder and CEO David Hall who previously provided one-on-one coaching to impart his unique perspective on investing. Through the Stock Value subscription service his techniques and strategies are available to investors at the subscription price of $25 (USD) per month.

“My goal was to find a way to make money consistently with the market,” Hall said. “It took me 12 years of research, and trial and error, but I found a way that has worked consistently for me for years.”

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