Stock-Sector Interview with NovaBay CEO Highlights Prospects for the Company’s FDA-Cleared, Advanced Wound Cleanser, NeutroPhase(R), and its Development Pipeline

New York, NY / March 5, 2014 /, an online source of news about promising medical, technology and energy companies, today announced that it is releasing a video interview with Dr. Ron Najafi, Chairman and CEO of NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: NBY), an Emeryville, CA biopharmaceutical company developing novel, topical, antimicrobial products.

In the interview, conducted at the recent BIO CEO & Investor Conference at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, Dr. Najafi described the upcoming milestones for NovaBay in 2014 -- managing infections in wounds infected by flesh-eating bacteria with its FDA-cleared NeutroPhase and, on the development side, clinical trials in three conditions, including urinary catheter blockage and encrustation (UCBE) and viral conjunctivitis. NovaBay also expects to introduce its Advanced i-Lid CleanserTM, which cleans infected and irritated eyelids often associated with Belepharitis.

The recently-published study in the peer-reviewed journal WOUNDS demonstrated that NeutroPhase irrigation therapy and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) can be used for severe flesh eating and wound infections. “We believe that Crew-NovaBay Minimally Invasive Surgery for Necrotizing Fasciitis Using Adjunct NeutroPhase Therapy has the potential to continue to save lives and limbs,” said Dr. Ron Najafi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NovaBay. NeutroPhase is 0.01% pure hypochlorous acid in saline with no bleach impurities, unlike other Dakin and Dakin-like solutions. Natural hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is produced by white blood cells. In extensive in-vitro testing, NeutroPhase kills bacteria in seconds and has the ability to neutralize toxins generated by flesh eating bacteria. NovaBay found a way to make pure HOCl in saline shelf-stable.

On the clinical development side, NovaBay is making progress in a variety of disease areas, including urinary catheter blockage and encrustation (UCBE). In September 2013, NovaBay reported positive phase 2 clinical study results of auriclosene to reduce urinary catheter blockage and encrustation (UCBE). Commented Dr. Najafi: “The positive, statistically-significant data from the Phase 2 clinical study of auriclosene to reduce UCBE confirms our belief that treating catheters with auriclosene can make a substantial difference in the lives of patients requiring chronic indwelling urinary catheters, including those with spinal cord injuries. We are excited to see that auriclosene may dramatically reduce the problems of unpredictable early catheter blockage.” NovaBay expects to commence the next phase 2 clinical trial in 2014”

NovaBay is also expecting the ongoing global clinical trial for auriclosene in conjunctivitis to complete with results available in the middle of 2014. The introduction of Advanced i-Lid Cleanser (being developed for use in ophthalmological applications) is expected in selected markets in 2014.

About NovaBay Pharmaceuticals - Going Beyond Antibiotics®

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: NBY) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on addressing the unmet therapeutic needs of the global, topical anti-infective market with its Aganocide compounds, led by auriclosene. Auriclosene is a new chemical entity invented by NovaBay and has a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Aganocide compounds are based on the human body’s natural immune system and the molecules involved in combating infections. Bacterial resistance to Aganocides is highly unlikely, as demonstrated in in vitro studies. Once pathogens penetrate the body’s primary defense, the next line of defense is provided by the white blood cells. NovaBay has focused on understanding these molecules generated by the white blood cells and finding ways, by chemical modification, to allow them to be developed as therapeutic products with the potential to treat a wide range of local, non-systemic infections. NovaBay believes that if Aganocides® begin to supplement and thereby reduce the usage of classic topical antibiotics, they will help slow the rise of antibiotic resistance. For more information please visit:

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