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David Hall, a wealthy stock market investor has developed a data-based investment membership that is designed to teach beginning investors how to win on Wall Street.

A seasoned stock market trader has launched a website dedicated to helping new investors make intelligent investments and avoid losing money. It is a membership-based service that provides a variety of digital and common-sense tools to help the beginner investor understand how markets work and win the stock game.

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The membership was launched after the founder, David Hall became disturbed hearing horror stories from his family and friends who had experienced losses when trying to make trades in the stock market. He had developed a winning strategy based on data and knowing what the billionaires of the world were doing in real-time.

After contracting with a computer programming expert he developed the essential software to provide alerts in real-time where he was able to mimic the behavior of billionaires like Warren Buffet and others. This allowed him to amass a fortune and he is now offering membership to this technologically based data system to ordinary people so they can take advantage of his knowledge and expertise.

The membership includes sharing the real value of a stock. Stock values fluctuate according to two psychological factors: greed and fear. In order to be successful, one must be able to look for the hidden gems that the rest of the market hasn’t picked up on yet. This membership makes finding them simple and easy to understand.

The next factor that must be in place to succeed in the market is in the area of timing. This membership gives precise signals that indicate when to buy and when to sell. This feature takes the guessing game out of the equation. Once that is removed members begin winning in their stock picks by paying attention to the proper indicators.

The most lethal weapon members are given at is the inside knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes in the stock market. The theory is that if the wealthy are making stock moves they probably know something that members should pay attention to when making decisions.

During the launch of this valuable membership, the management decided to include a series of instructional videos that are designed to train the beginning investor in navigating the market.

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