Stock Market Insider Information Tracking Software Membership Program Launched

A stock market investor has launched a membership for small investors who are interested in becoming proficient in trading on the stock market. The membership has been priced at $25 a month.

David Hall an active investor, has launched a membership to help small investors. is the website he has created where someone can join him as a member and learn to invest so they can make money in the stock market.

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The launch of this affordable membership is teaching small stock investors to have success in their stock picks. David teaches that investing in stocks is not as complicated as most people believe. The site’s mission is to help private individuals make money in the market.

The founder of the site funded a commercial and residential real estate portfolio as well as a portfolio of businesses that he owns using the investing strategies he shares on the site. A fundamental principle he shares on the website is that the market value of a stock is never the “real” value of a stock. He teaches his investors successful, an investor has to be able to look for the hidden gems that the rest of the market hasn’t picked up on yet.

This membership-based service provides an insider track to the stock market. This is distinct from insider trading which is illegal. What this service provides is legal. It shares with its members what insiders are buying and selling.

This service also provides members with the knowledge of whether or not now is the time to look at a particular investment or not. Other benefits of this membership include unlimited searches, a stock value screener, and build it watchlist function.

This membership provides all the available information about companies offering stocks. Everything from EPS to how many shares are traded on an average day and more. In the same realm, the site will provide the actual stock value by using a proprietary formula that is a combination of both fundamentals and technical aspects.

This important aspect of giving members the intrinsic value of a stock is fueled by even more information such as the ability to spy on insiders and create automatic trading triggers. All this and more are taught to members through an extensive collection of training tutorials.

The launch of this membership gives small investors the same tools as the professionals have been using for years.

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