Stock Fish in Ft. Worth, Dallas Private Lakes & Ponds – Fishing Season is Coming

The summer fishing season is approaching and it is time to stock fish in private lakes and ponds. It is important to keep the right balance between sport and forage fish.

Lochow Ranch Pond & Lake Management is reminding private lake owners and managers of some basics for optimal fish stocking.

It is important to maintain a healthy balance in a lake or pond to make it the ideal place for fishing pleasure. There need to be proper stocking ratios of fish species according to the lake owner’s or manager’s goals. Today, a lot of thought must be put into introducing non-native species and species that aren’t well adapted to an area, and that’s why choosing a professional fish stocking company is so important to getting it done right.

If a new pond is being stocked, an initial stocking proposal is based on the size of the pond or lake and the type of fish desired.

If an existing lake or pond is being stocked, a fish population analysis can be performed through electrofishing or gill netting to determine which species need to be stocked to bring the lake to its true trophy-growing potential.

A video overview of the basics of fish stocking is available here.

President John Jones is quoted saying: “Our fish are always transported with liquid oxygen in custom fish-hauling trailers to ensure their health while en route. It’s the right thing to do to provide you the best possible results. No matter what your situation, we’ll help you do the right thing for your own goals and to maintain the fragile ecosystem on your property.”

Lakes and ponds can be stocked with bass, trout, sunfish, catfish and forage fish. Lochow Ranch Pond & Lake Management has other fish species available; call with special requests. Crawfish are one popular special request.

For a quick view of some popular fish visit:

Lochow Ranch has been stocking fish since 1998. This experienced team offers a combined 60 years in lake management, biology of fish stocking and growing trophy bass. President John Jones is a proud Texas A&M graduate.

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