Sticky Media Turns Heads with Biggest State-of-the-Art Mobile Billboard, Phoenix

Digital ads on wheels! Screens to create a giant 33’ x 8’ digital billboard experience. WOW - When fully deployed, the screen is 17’ tall.”

Phoenix, Arizona – Sticky Media media’s new state-of-the-art mobile billboard is taking things to the next level for clients of this burgeoning media company in Phoenix.

“Capturing people’s attention is easier said than done. And when it comes to connecting with an audience and delivering a message that’s well-received, the bigger the better,” explains Kimbre LaBlonde of Sticky Media. “That’s where our brand-new mobile billboard comes into the picture.”

LaBlonde is talking about the newest addition to Sticky Media’s growing fleet of mobile billboards. It’s a state-of-the-art digital advertising truck that shows LED ads while the truck is driving around various parts of the Valley. What’s more, the truck can deploy the three separate screens into one gigantic 33’ x 8’ digital ad experience; one of the largest in the valley.

“We have a new mobile billboard truck that is unlike any others in the Valley,” LaBlonde says. “We can serve digital ads as the truck drives around the Valley—and we also can deploy the screens to create a giant 33’ x 8’ digital billboard experience. Or we can use any combination of the screens. When fully deployed, the screen is 17’ tall.”

The most recent studies on mobile billboards are enticing for advertisers. They find that mobile billboard trucks capture as much as 250% more attention than traditional ads and roadside billboards do. They also have the potential to deliver retention that’s as much as 40% stronger.

With studies showing that 63% of people pay more attention to digital signage, the choice for advertisers is clear-cut,” LaBlonde infers. “If you want to penetrate markets proficiently, then you need to turn heads.”

For more information, please visit: Sticky Media’s Website. Or call: 480-596-1580.

About Sticky Media

Sticky Media is a full-featured media company with a central location that both creates ads and pushes them out to their own network of digital display monitors in popular sports bars, restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers and taxicabs throughout Phoenix and Denver. They also provide high definition screens for special events, conventions, sporting events, trade shows, political campaigns and more. The company specializes in mobile billboards, and boasts a modern fleet of trucks that offer some of the largest roving digital advertising screens in the valley.

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