Steve Kemper Builders Intensifies Storm Restoration Efforts in Ravaged Manassas

The storm devastated city of Manassas, Virginia is where the Steve Kemper Builders company has been administering relief to home and business owners during September 2016. It comes in the wake of a series of uncontrollable storms that have destroyed everything in their path.

Today, Steve Kemper Builders, leading experts in storm restoration, insurance claims and professional roof inspection, has confirmed that it has intensified efforts in September 2016 in the city of Manassas, Virginia to bring much-needed relief to property owners left in shock over this year’s destructive storms. The most amount of damage to buildings was caused by rampant hail storms which destroyed roofing, siding, and gutters.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center was quick in issuing a severe thunderstorm watch. As expected, the skies unleashed tennis ball, golf ball, and even baseball sized hail stones this summer on the Manassas region. It was a terrifying ordeal for the city’s 42,000 residents and these were some of the largest hailstones ever recorded in the history of the United States.

“The repair work from the phenomenon is intensive and has led to a decision to step up all storm restoration work in the district as a matter of urgency to help to ease the backlog of property-related distress calls,” noted, Marcus Heed, Press Spokesperson, Steve Kemper Builders. “When hailstones bigger than golf balls start pelting everything in sight, there is always going to be a massive cleanup operation that will take a considerable amount of time, care and attention from the right people who understand precisely what needs to be done. Overall, there is still a tremendous amount of damage to be repaired in Manassas. Tens of thousands of people have been affected here.”

There was an intense period of panic for locals as the power supply was taken down and broken glass from buildings and car damage caused a particular hazard, especially to children and the elderly. A Chief Meteorologist, Doug Kammerer, was able to track the fall of two inches of rain in just twenty minutes. Steve Kemper Builders has been dealing with such disasters for 15 years. Again this month, local residents were fearful when another severe storm warning alert was issued. See:

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