Sterling VA Luxury Office Furniture Retailer – Eco-Friendly Options Announced

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Sterling, VA-based leading retailer Sumner Furniture & Design has announced they now offer green, eco-friendly luxury items aligned with new office design trends. They feature high-quality, American-made custom brands from the U.S. West Coast.

The company’s new offerings are sourced from manufacturers who are committed to making furniture that is environmentally friendly and fashioned from quality, durable materials with minimum waste and in partnership with local craftspeople whenever possible.

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With the latest offerings, clients have a wider range of new and pre-owned furniture options to not only suit their tastes and budgets but that is also manufactured in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.

The new selections reflect long-term corporate and consumer trends toward social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and health consciousness. More and more interior designers of office spaces are seeking to incorporate elements of the natural world into their designs. They aim to make work environments more inspiring and healthful, encouraging concentration and collaboration and decreasing stress and discomfort.

Sumner’s office furniture options help create well-balanced corporate interiors by introducing natural color, including the deep browns of natural-wood desks and tables and the many shades of green of hangable, matted-moss furniture accessories. Many of their items have received top certification for indoor air quality.

Their furniture designs also allow employees to bring more greenery into the office space. They include desks and tables with frame divides where employees can hang potted plants, sliding modesty screens that can be decorated with flat, matted greenery, and Oscar units with end-of-run planter boxes.

Sumner Furniture is a family business committed to putting service and value first. Their scope of design projects ranges from entire office buildings to home offices. Their showroom of new and pre-owned furniture at company headquarters in Sterling, VA covers 15,000 square feet. Sumner takes pride in its consultative approach toward customers, striving to understand their needs before offering solutions with maximal budget options.

A satisfied client said, “We contacted Sumner Furniture when moving into a new office space on very short notice. They were fantastic, working with us on selecting furniture that fit our space and fitting our requirements into their already busy delivery schedule. They patiently made multiple deliveries and were always helpful and a pleasure to deal with. We will definitely be coming back to Sumner Furniture in the future.”

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