Stem Cell Therapy Seminars Help Educate On Regenerative Medicine Practices

Discover how regenerative medicine can offer a non-surgical form of pain relief with Superior Healthcare's Stem Cell Therapy Medical Program.

The demand for stem cell therapy procedures is exploding, and for a great reason. Superior Healthcare’s regenerative medicine program offers safe and effective relief for patients with a multitude of ailments. Over 300 patients have been successfully treated over the past year by Superior’s experienced team of doctors. This type of stem cell therapy works by regenerating and repairing the damaged tissue, ligaments, cartilage, etc. in the injured area.

Because of its rising popularity, many potential patients are curious to learn how these treatments work. They now have the opportunity to get the information they are seeking directly from the medical clinics that are leading the way in educating people about the process. At dozens of seminars over the course of the last two years, Superior Healthcare in Sandy Springs and Canton, Georgia have been offering interactive seminars on how stem cell therapy works and how an individual is teated.

Superior Healthcare hosts these local live seminars in partnership with the Stem Cell Institute of America (, a regenerative medicine educational program that provides training, and support to physicians who are practicing regenerative medicine in their clinics across the country.

These stem cell therapy seminars give Georgia residents an opportunity to learn about this non-surgical pain relief for joint pain, arthritis and many other joint-related injuries. Seminar participants are educated on all aspects of stem cell therapy ranging from the collection process to how the treatment is administered . Doctors are available at each seminar to answer questions. Prospective patients will discover how stem cells are collected and how it will treat knee, shoulder, hip, and other injuries that have been shown to respond favorably to stem cell.

One of the most common questions asked regarding this type of therapy is concerning the use of embryonic stem cells from an unborn fetus. Most participants are surprised to learn that it is not legal to use such stem cells for this type of medicine. Rather, the stem cells used in this procedure are amniotic stem cells that are collected from mothers who have donated their placental tissue after delivering a child via an elective c-section birth. The mothers are pre-screened and fully tested in advance. In some cases, the procedure may involve the collection and use of a patient’s own stem cells in what is traditionally referred to as an “adult stem cell” procedure.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about this incredible medical breakthrough can visit Superior Healthcare’s website ( for upcoming seminar dates and locations.

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