Stem Cell Therapy Seminars Educate & Offer Pain Relief Treatments

Pain relief with Stem Cell Therapy. Superior Healthcare Group is offering lunch and learn seminars to educate you on stem cell therapy. Check out their website for the next date and location.

Patients receiving platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy is exploding and for a great reason. Superior Healthcare Group’s regenerative medicine offers relief for patients with a multitude of ailments. As patients discover that stem cell therapy and PRP therapy can be accomplished using stem cells to as a form of pain relief, they are diligently seeking medical clinics who practice regenerative medicine.

Although, many patients are curious how these successful treatments work. Now, they can get information directly from these educated practitioners. At several seminars this past year, Superior Healthcare Group in Sandy Springs and Canton, Georgia have provided interested groups how Stem Cell Therapy works and how an individual is teated.

Superior Healthcare will administer regenerative medicine seminars that provide training, protocol and procedure support along with physicians who are practicing regenerative medicine treatments in their clinics.

The Stem Cell Therapy Seminars will give step-by-step instruction on non-surgical pain relief for joint pain and many other injuries. Seminar participants will be educated on stem cell therapy procedures and discover how treatments are administered. Doctors will be available at each seminar for further questions and one on one consult booking will be available. Patients will discover how stem cells are harvested and how it will treat knee, shoulder, hip, and other injuries that respond to stem cell and PRP treatment.

Check Superior Healthcare’s website for up coming seminar dates and locations

Registration for the next workshop will open soon.

About Superior Healthcare’s Stem Cell Therapy

The Stem Cell Therapy provided by Superior Healthcare Group works by increasing cellular healing to the injured area, or for most people, damaged tissues and ligaments. Stem cells are for the most part considered progenitor cells that can change themselves into different types depending on the injury. These cells will listen to the inflammatory signals of the damaged tissues and start repairing them.

Depending on the type of injury, stem cell therapists will administer treatment via injection, IV, or both. In some cases physical rehabilitation will be required along with follow up visits.

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