Stem Cell Therapy Offers New Treatment Options to Sufferers of Chronic Knee Pain

Dynamic Medical Rehab is a healthcare clinic that specializes in stem cell therapy for chronic knee pain. While many patients may pursue total knee replacements, stem cell therapy provides the benefits of being minimally invasive as well as non-surgical.

Each year, thousands of Americans will consider knee replacement surgery as a fix for their chronic, persistent knee pain. This is usually a last resort when standard surgeries and pain managing medications lose effectiveness. Unfortunately, even total knee replacements aren’t a fail-safe as they have a tendency to fail. This means furthered procedures and treatments all to simply manage a condition. Luckily. alternative treatment options do exist. Stem cell therapy for chronic knee pain is becoming a more viable method to remedy a patient’s condition.

For knee pain, Stem Cell Therapy utilizes an adult’s existing stem cells to work alongside the body to repair damage from within. On top of that, the procedures are non-surgical and minimally invasive, all the while producing incredibly promising results for patients. Whereas 50% of patients who undergo total knee replacements report their knee pain returning within five years, patients who opt to make use of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine for chronic knee pain can rest easy knowing that the stem cell treatments work to repair damaged tissues. Most patients who choose stem cell therapy report seeing a rapid improvement in their quality of life as well as the full elimination of pain within six months, as well as regaining their overall mobility.

The trained staff at Dynamic Medical Rehab works extensively with Stem Cell Therapy for knee pain and understand all aspects of their procedures. Stem Cell Therapy can treat numerous knee pain conditions and are always expanding their arsenal of treatments. Patients interested in learning if they’re candidates for Stem Cell Treatments in Louisville should get in touch with Dynamic Medical Rehab at (502) 426-9200.

Company bio: Dynamic Medical Rehab is a subset of Dynamic Healthcare and specializes in rehabilitative procedures of all sorts. Their expert staff is ready to accommodate each of their patients and help them achieve their health and well-being goals.

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