Stem Cell Therapy is a New Frontier for North Texas Pain Sufferers

Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine are the new frontier in the treatment of chronic, persistent pain without the need for invasive surgical procedures or costly, potentially addictive prescription medications that simply mask pain instead of treating it.

Pain relief sufferers can rejoice that there are new, revolutionary, and non-surgical alternatives to treating chronic, persistent pain. One such alternative, offered by the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas, is stem cell therapy, which uses the latest medical breakthroughs and advanced techniques to utilize stem cells for pain relief. By emphasizing on healing that doesn’t rely on surgery or costly, potentially addictive prescription medications, the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas are able to target pain at its source, determine its cause, and use the body’s own cells to promote healing.

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy have numerous applications and have been shown to be effective in combating a wide variety of chronic pain conditions, such as osteoarthritis of the knee. Whereas before, the only options were steroid injections, joint replacement surgeries, and physical therapies combined with prescription medication that merely masked existing pain, stem cell therapy has shown the potential to eradicate chronic pain and heal damaged or degenerative cells. Combined with the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas’ focus on providing an integrated approach to health and wellness, these treatments have immense potential for providing a long-term solution to chronic pain sufferers.

In North Texas, the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas are the go-to pain management clinics that focus on treating chronic pain with non-surgical alternatives such as stem cell therapy. With three convenient locations in Fort Worth, Keller, and Arlington, the Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas are dedicated to helping each and every one of their unique patients find relief from the struggles of chronic pain with the help of stem cell therapy! They offer free consultations to all new patients to gain a proper overview of their services and to collaborate and find what treatments may be applicable and most effective. Contact them today to learn more about their various services and conditions treated.

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