Stem Cell Therapy Has Potential to Eliminate Chronic Pain for Dallas Patients

The Atlas Medical Center offers stem cell therapy treatments to patients in Dallas, Texas to help treat chronic pain at its source. Interested patients can call to schedule a complimentary consultation with the highly trained staff members to find out if they're qualified.

For millions of Americans, chronic pain impacts their daily existence. It lowers their quality of life and can make even the most mundane day to day tasks hard to accomplish without constant aches and pain. Luckily for chronic pain sufferers in the Dallas, Texas area, there are new alternatives to chronic pain treatment. Traditional treatment methods, such as invasive, painful surgeries with long recovery periods and potentially addictive and costly prescription medications, are becoming less and less favored by chronic pain sufferers. One of the newest alternatives to these treatments methods is stem cell therapy, specifically adipose-derived stem cell therapy.

Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative that uses the body’s own stem cells to treat the sites of chronic pain. Stem cells from adult fat are called adipose stem cells which are used in a quick, virtually painless procedure to help mitigate the debilitating effects of chronic pain. Since the stem cells are harvested from individual patients and then reintroduced into their system, this eliminates the potential for any sort of immune system rejection risk. They are the body’s own cells, concentrated and injected to perform healing duties and treat the source of chronic pain, rather than just masking it through the use of prescription medication and painkillers. Many patients start experiencing results within four to six weeks after the procedure, though the number of injections will certainly vary depending on the specific patient’s condition as well as its severity.

For patients in the Dallas, Texas area that believe they may be a qualified candidate for an adipose-derived stem cell therapy procedure, contacting the Atlas Medical Center, located a short drive away in Irving, Texas, would be highly beneficial. They offer free consultations to new patients to determine what they are suffering from as well as crafting the best possible treatment course to move forward.

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