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Leading anti-aging researcher Dr. Bryant Villeponteau updated his popular Stem Cell 100 longevity supplement.

Dr. Bryant Villeponteau, a leading longevity researcher and bestselling author, announced an update of his Stem Cell 100 anti-aging supplement. Based on a key formula which supports adult stem cells, the product is the only one of its kind proven to double the life span of an organism in a laboratory setting.

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The latest announcement follows Dr. Villeponteau’s latest research into the efficiency of his proprietary anti-aging formula on Drosophila fruit flies.

The study involved three cages of flies treated with Stem Cell 100, and three similar groups of flies without the treatment. The flies in the Stem Cell 100 groups had a median life span increase of over 123%.

Dr. Villeponteau states that while the result cannot be directly extrapolated to humans, it does show some promising effects of the Stem Cell 100 formula.

“While fruit flies are not people they are more like us than you might think”, he explained. “Drosophila have a heart and circulatory system, and the most common cause of death is heart failure. Like humans and other mammals such as mice, it is difficult to increase their lifespan significantly.”

The supplement support healthy adult stem cells, having an important role in cellular regeneration, improving the cardiovascular system, regulating cholesterol levels and offering numerous other health benefits.

The main anti-aging effect of the product is due to its stem cell stimulation and enhancement properties. This is particularly important with age, as the stem cell population in the organism decreases and its cellular environment becomes less nurturing.

Dr. Villeponteau’s latest research supports the efficiency of his product, which has already been praised by thousands of customers throughout the world.

A satisfied customer said: “As I was sprinting this morning around 6:00am I noticed that I was not hurting anymore! I have been having sore knees, ankles, hamstrings and back for the last couple of years. I usually just ran through it, but I noticed since I have been taking the Stem Cell 100 capsules for about 45 days now, those nagging pains are gone away!”

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