Stay Calm & Collected When Pulled Over with the New Driver Protection App

Don't stress out and become nervous when pulled over by using the newly launched app

According to statistics, police officers around the country pull over more than 50,000 drivers each day, which equates to more than 20 million per year. Unfortunately, many people in situations where they are interacting with police don't know what to do or say, and in some cases, inadvertently make their situation worse.

To help individuals in these situations better handle what is going on, the Driver Protection App has been released.

"Virtually everyone has been in a situation where they are sitting in their vehicles feeling helpless, unsure of why the police officer pulled them over," stated a representative from Driver Protection, LLC. "Were you going too fast? Did you try to beat a yellow light? Regardless of the situation, if you don't know your rights, it's difficult to think of what to say or do, you don't have to be left in limbo any longer. This is when The Driver Protection App will save the day."

The Driver Protection App is designed to provide case by case guidance or instruction on how to respond to a police officer when pulled over. It provides a list of common scenarios, such as traffic violation stops, DUIs and more. Once a user signs up for the app and opens it, it will automatically turn on the camera and begin recording. The app also measures our speed limit. These features can also help protect someone from intimidation techniques, illegal searches and anything else illegal that an officer may attempt to do.

"In addition to helping you avoid illegal situations, the app will also help you find common questions of police officers based on the scenario that you have selected," continued the Driver Protection, LLC representative. "The app has the ability to provide the best answers and ensure you are aware of your basic rights. It can also let you know how to act and help you find a lawyer if the situation calls for it."

If you are ready to learn more about the Driver Protection App, take some time to visit the company's website.


The newly launched Driver Protection App is designed with a free, live GPS feature to help ensure it's easier for users to navigate around town freely, with the information and resources needed if they happen to be pulled over by the police. With the Driver Protection App, users can know and exercise their rights with confidence.

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