Stay At Home Mums Online Business Home Based Beginners Training Launched

Barry Plaskow, home-based affiliate business specialist and educator, has launched a series of training webinars in conjunction with

Seven leading global marketing experts, in conjunction with, have launched a series of webinars, providing innovative training in affiliate marketing, traffic generation and social media marketing for home-based e-commerce beginners.

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The newly launched series of programs include S.A.S Affiliate by Barry Plaskow, an e-commerce revenue specialist, and uSEO by Itamar Shafir, which offers subscribers expert training in search engine optimization and improving the quantity and quality of online traffic. The training is aimed at beginners seeking to launch a business from home.

Affiliate marketing is providing increasing numbers of women with a passive means of generating additional revenue. Affiliates use their own websites, domains and social media channels to assist in the promotion of other companies’ products, receiving commission payments based on sales and traffic generated as a result. The latest training series is aimed at stay-at-home mums seeking a return to work but has relevance for anyone interested in home-based passive revenue opportunities.

The newly launched training webinars provide beginners with educational expertise on dropshipping, detailing tips and strategy for a business model that enables owners to generate revenue without needing to carry physical stock. Also offered is Paul O’Mahoney’s Rethink Social Media training program.

Subscribers to’s latest educational promotion can access the content without a registration charge. All courses are delivered by experts in their field, enabling subscribers to benefit from the tutors’ knowledge and experience in e-commerce. The new programs offer specialist training in low investment-high revenue business models.

Barry Plaskow is the CEO of Really Successful Limited, a software and training company that specialize in business development strategy, lead and traffic generation and e-commerce marketing skills. Barry delivers three of the seven courses on offer through

According to the site, “Getting some education around something new is always a great idea, why make the mistakes when someone else has already made them and is willing to show you the easiest or quickest path to success. Affiliate training programs are a great way forward.”

Through the launch of the new affiliate and e-commerce training webinars, Barry Plaskow and his fellow tutors expand accessibility to the affiliate marketing world, providing everyone from stay-at-home mums to already experienced business owners with an innovative educational opportunity to generate new revenue streams. To find out more, and to register for the training, visit

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