Statistical Sports Betting Software For Automated Objective Predictions Launched

With the launch of the ZCode System tool for analyzing sports statistics, sports betters can bypass human errors and rely on objective mathematical predictions to make their bets.

ZCode System, a robotic software tool for analyzing sports probabilities, has been launched for sports betting. The system combines knowledge from sports experts with objective statistical analysis in order to make predictions for sports investors.

More information is available at ZCode System.

Before its release, the new ZCode software underwent 14 months of beta testing on social media platforms to prove its profitability. The launch of ZCode System means sports betters can bypass human errors based on emotion, and rely on a fully-automated betting machine that makes mathematically based predictions.

ZCode System works all year long, analyzing data for ten popular professional sports – WNBA, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAB, NCAAF, NFL, horse racing, soccer, and esports. The machine calculates the statistics and probabilities and then determines the picks (and unit sizes) sports betters should place in order to win.

To calculate precise outcomes, the ZCode machine considers over 80 different parameters in every game. Some of the factors include: past performance, player conditions, injuries, rivalries, home or away team, goalies, trainers, and predicted future performance. Since the robot acts as an objective tool that has no emotions or favorites, all of its predictions are based on performance tracking and statistical data.

To increase revenue for sports investors, ZCode System does more than just predict the winner and loser of each game. The software also predicts more detailed bets, such as the number of total goals that will be scored, and which individual player will score the most points.

The founders of ZCode started by trading currencies in the forex market, but have been trading in the sports niche since 1999. The company is well-respected in the sports betting industry and has many satisfied users.

ZCode users have said that they appreciate the “great tools and support” and are happy to use a “transparent system based on statistics.”

Interested parties can find more details about the ZCode System by visiting ZCode System.

Release ID: 89002530