Statins, Drugs & Memory Loss Report by Brain Health Site

Mindrig - a brain health website - published an article focused on the potential role of cholesterol statins in causing memory loss.

Brain health site mindrig has published a comprehensive article on the role of cholesterol reducing drugs (statins) in causing memory loss in adults.

The full article can be read here:

The article draws from several authoritative studies on the subject with the goal of providing a complete view of the current medical findings as to whether or not statins and memory impairment are linked.

Past research on statins and dementia or memory loss has linked a reduction in cholesterol with the reduction of short-term memory.

However, there have also been scientific reviews of studies on statins and their effects on memory, and these have been inconclusive. The article published by mindrig attempts to provide a full compilation of the currently available facts surrounding whether or not prescription drugs such as statin may cause memory loss.

When asked about the purpose of the article, the authors of mindrig were clear:

“People who are looking for truth about whether or not cholesterol medications affect memory need to have a complete picture about whether or not these medications are having a negative effect. There are many pros and cons to any treatment regimen. All medications have side-effects and it’s our goal to make sure that people can review the information on heart medication and memory loss objectively and have the necessary conversations with their healthcare providers to make the right choices.”

The article also includes an informative YouTube video highlighting the FDA warning on statins and memory problems. While the overall consensus of various reports seems to be that more empirical research will assist in a definitive conclusion, the information in mindrig’s article provides a useful resource for those looking to do their own research into the current facts as they stand.

Concerned individuals who are researching the facts behind statins and memory impairment are encouraged to review the full article:

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