Starting A Business – Plan For Entrepreneur Types Resource Launched

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Ryan Levesque, CEO of The ASK Method Company has launched a resource for beginner entrepreneurs. The complimentary quiz sets aspiring entrepreneurs on course to starting a successful online business.

Ryan Levesque, National Best-Selling Author, Inc. 500 CEO, and creator of The ASK Method, is launching a business building quiz that aspiring entrepreneurs can take to understand which markets and business ideas are worth pursuing. The mentoring, quiz helps participants evaluate their product or service ideas based on profitability, scalability and lifestyle fit, and then puts them on the path toward self-employment success. The quiz can be accessed via the Ask Method Company mini site.

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Inc. 500 CEO of The Ask Method Company Ryan Levesque is helping entrepreneurs who want to reach similar levels of success determine which markets and business ideas to pursue. A newly launched interactive Ask Method Quiz filters participants into groups that best suit their entrepreneurial type and provides each participant with a recommended action plan.

The Ask Method is a technique that aspiring and current entrepreneurs can use to launch and grow a successful online business. It reminds participants to identify their “ask”- what it is they want their audience to understand about their business and the need the business fills.

The process helps entrepreneurs hone their plans and prevents them from investing time and money in saturated markets or ideas that have little chance of succeeding over the long term.

Quiz participants will discover their entrepreneur type, how to make the right business choice, which market to enter, which product or service to sell based on personality, and which type of business suits their current resources and overall lifestyle goals. Upon completion of their interactive quiz, participants will come away with a recommended plan.

Levesque cautions all beginning entrepreneurs to do their research before investing resources on impulse. The Ask Method helps enterprising individuals understand the kind of research they need to conduct to evaluate their business ideas.

Ryan Levesque has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The recent launch of the Ask Method Company’s complimentary business building quiz provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a business model that best suits their entrepreneur type and puts them on the path to success.

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