Start-up Investment Opportunity Launched in the Mental Telehealth Tech Space

A new investment opportunity has been launched by the online mental health platform, Smart Counseling. This is a fast-growing sector and is a limited time offer.

Launched in January 2020, Smart Counseling, a mental telehealth platform start-up has launched an investment opportunity to help it expand its operations and provide support to more clients. Smart Counseling is a digital counseling and coaching service within the growing telehealth market. The rapid expansion of the platform has been credited to its proprietary AI assessment tool.

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The newly launched investment opportunity is reflective of the support required to enable the company to take advantage of the growing market and expand the sales and marketing efforts.

In addition to this, the funding will be used to support clients and therapists, obtain select insurance credentialing, continued enhancement and security of the platform, while also expanding the assessment and resources library.

Since the platform was released in January 2020 therapists and contractors within 44 states have been onboarded. Furthermore, a beta version of the hybrid platform has been developed and successfully launched, with several therapists setting up their own companies on the platform.

A two year master collaboration agreement with a major health system in DFW for several pilot programs for residents and staff has also been agreed. A co-published research paper based on the outcomes will be issued as part of the agreement. Smart Counseling has the unique ability to be a B2B platform providing an important employee benefit for small and large-scale employers, can be utilized as a B2C platform direct to consumers also can be configured as a white label platform for coaches, counselors, and employer and health care systems.

Other successes include a signed marketing agreement with a wellness-based online publication with over two million subscribers. The Smart Counseling Digital Health System provides individuals with easy, on-demand access anytime, anywhere to licensed therapists, coaches, and other practitioners in a convenient, private, HIPPA-secure session room through video, audio and/or text sessions.

The platform is designed to overcome the challenges faced by the current EAP model that is inconvenient, offers limited access, lacks confidentiality, and is expensive, which means people cannot access the support they need.

A company spokesperson said: “Health concerns such as stress, anxiety, and depression are linked to many diseases like cancer and heart disease. These illnesses affect more than 100 million Americans per year, which costs the healthcare system over $200 billion per year, and employers over $300 billion in lost productivity and increased healthcare costs.”

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