Start Prototype: Application of Rapid prototyping will lead to the revolution of the manufacturing industry

March 14, 2014-China-The Rapid Prototyping technology which also known as the RPM was born in the late 1980s, which has been considered as the most major achievement in the field of manufacturing during the past 20 years. This manufacturing technology already combines mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering, layered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, materials science and laser technology in one integrated system and it will help manufacturing enterprise design and transform the ideas into manufacturing parts automatically, directly, fast and accurate, which provides the cost effective means of achieving the parts prototyping, validation of the new design concept and other aspects.

Start Prototype ( ) is the professional China high tech enterprise which specialized in providing Rapid Prototyping and 3D Prototyping Services. Today, their experienced engineer will introduce with people the characteristic of their Prototyping service.

First of all, people need to know that there is no any limitation for the raw materials which could be used for the rapid prototyping, various metallic and non-metallic materials are OK.

The second characteristic should be that the copying capability and interchangeability for the industrial parts made by the rapid prototype is very high.

Thirdly, the manufacturing process of this CNC Machined Prototypes has nothing to do with the manufacture of the prototype geometry. This advantage could be more obviously when it is in the processing of complex surfaces.

Fourth, the processing cycle of this technology is short and low- cost. There is no any connection between the degree of complexity of the product and the cost. As the comparing with the traditional workmanship, the manufacturing cost of the functional will be rapid prototyping reduced by 50 % and saving more than 70% of the processing cycle.

The last factor should be the high degree of technology integration, which enabling the closely integration of designation and manufacturing. This point is also the crucial reason why the manufacturer which applies this prototyping technology could greatly reduce the production cycle.

Currently, the application areas of the rapid prototyping technology are mainly integrated in new product development, which the main role is to shorten the development cycle and obtain market feedback as soon as possible. So, the enterprise which applies this manufacturing technology could quickly get the profit.

The engineer from also said that their rapid prototyping service could not only attract many consumers from industrial areas but also Because of attract many other industries. After improvement of its accuracy and material, it could be applied into areas such as biomedical, archeology, heritage, art and design, architecture and other fields.

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Start Prototype invests in the latest rapid prototyping technologies to provide superior quality rapid prototypes from small, intricate stereo lithography models requiring high-resolution to the largest SLA prototype or special custom projects.

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