Start a Profitable Money Making Blog Website 2021 Best Beginners Training Course

Creator of 'Instant Publisher' Joel Peterson, has released a training webinar for beginners on How to start a profitable blog website in 2021. The webinar is at

Blogging has become very popular these days, especially for busy moms. Due to it’s flexibility it can be a great way to earn an income from home without sacrificing family life.

However, the idea of a blog website has become even more popular since Covid. Many people have either lost their jobs or are spending more time at home and are looking for ways to earn money from home.

Perhaps you’ve always fancied the idea of a blog website but wouldn’t know where to start? What do you blog about? How do you choose a profitable niche that will return a good income? How do you design your site? How do you come up with new content on a regular basis? And how do you promote your blog so that it gets noticed online?

Those are just some of the many questions you may have asked yourself. Of course you could google a lot of those questions, but you might come up with conflicting answers which could leave you feeling confused. Or you could be missing a vital piece of the puzzle that you weren’t aware of.

Interested parties are invited to view a special webinar addressing some of those problems at:

Due to the difficulties mentioned above, online blog training courses have become quite popular. A lot of them promise that you’ll be able to create that perfect blog that everyone will rave about and that will make you thousands of dollars. The reality is though that very few people will actually succeed.

The problem is that many online blogging courses give you the nuts and bolts, and they tell you how to put those nuts and bolts together, BUT… when it actually comes to doing it, many people find it’s harder than they expected.

Another problem is that there’s often quite technical stuff that you have to do to get your blog online or to make it perform in the search engines. It only takes one little thing to get stuck on and your whole blogging career comes to an abrupt end before it’s even started.

Then there’s the fact that you have to keep coming up with fresh ideas and consistently posting to your blog on a regular basis. That often means doing a lot of time consuming research and puts pressure on you to get content out to your readers.

The reality is that any work-at-home online business is hard work and takes a lot of self motivation. It can often be quite a lonely experience and it’s very easy to give up when things don’t seem to be going well. That’s why very few people actually succeed with any online business.

One blogger who saw this problem was a man called Joel Peterson.

Joel said: “I noticed that often when people bought a course, 70% would never do anything with it. Some of them never even got round to registering a domain name”

Joel had been teaching blogging courses for some time but thought there had to be a better way.

With that in mind he looked at the major sticking points and decided to find a solution to remove the main hurdles that were preventing people from becoming successful. He said, “We wanted to get people ‘over the hump’ and help them succeed”.

He decided the best way was to create a course where he would do most of the work for his students. They didn’t need to buy or set up a domain name, they didn’t need to think about what niche might be successful or not, they didn’t even need to come up with content or even write if they didn’t want to.

Joel wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to succeed. It was basically a business in a box that was all set to go, so he decided to call it ‘Instant Publisher’.

He’s put together a special training webinar where he shows people how his method works. He also reveals the most profitable niches to be in, and you might be in for a surprise. They are not what most people think they are.

The aim of Joel’s Instant Publisher course is to give people a profitable ‘Done-For-You’ blog website. This course may appeal to people who have struggled with online courses in the past because Joel’s course does most of the heavy lifting for them to get them ‘over the hump’..

Laptop-life Success has partnered with Joel and anyone interested in the idea of starting an online blog website can watch Joel’s training webinar at:

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