Standing Seam Roof Anchor – Universal Fit Fall Protection Attachments Updated

Fall Protection Distributors, a US-based supplier of roofing safety devices, has launched updates to its popular standing seam roof anchor.

The lightweight device is now suitable for an expanded range of roofing profiles. The most recent update adds to a list of convenient features, such as fall protection in any direction, 5,000lbs pull-force protection, and high-grade aluminum construction.

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Falls from height continue to be a significant risk for construction workers across the US. Fall Protection Distributors has recognized that the inconvenience of safety systems often plays a role, and the recent upgrades are designed to be as versatile and easy to use as possible.

According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, fall protection within the construction industry was the number one OSHA standard violated in the 2020 financial year. While the number of deaths and injuries reported each year continues to decrease, it is clear that there is still much room for improvement.

Workers are not the only people at risk. Indeed, homeowners are less likely to be trained in adequate fall protection measures. The updated standing seam roof anchor is a robust and affordable system that can be utilized by anyone who is working at height.

Now employing a patented universal fit design, the updated standing seam anchor can be attached to over 500 profiles without the need for reassembly. With added convenience, the company expects that workers will be less likely to avoid the use of such a system.

The SSRA1 anchor has been tested for compliance with both ANSI and OSHA protocols. The tests included exertions in all directions, meaning that a single unit can provide protection to multiple locations. Again, this feature is designed to improve convenience and ease of use.

About Fall Protection Distributors

In addition to roof anchors, Fall Protection Distributors also supply a full line of protective equipment designed to prevent fall-from-height injuries. Products offered include roof jacks, clamps and brackets, construction harnesses, lifelines, and personal winch cables.

A company representative stated: “The standing seam roof anchor is a revolutionary product allowing homeowners, building owners, and contractors to work safely on standing seam roofs without penetrating the panels. Engineered to revolutionize fall protection anchorage attachment on standing seam roofs.”

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