Standard Optical Welcomes Som Chivukula as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Standard Optical and Opticare Vision Services welcomes Som Chivukula as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He returns to Salt Lake City with diverse business experience to help Standard Optical grow.

As a part of their commitment to serve even more communities across Utah, Standard Optical and Opticare Vision Services have announced that Som Chivukula has joined the team as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This move is expected to help further grow these businesses.

“I’m thrilled about this opportunity,” Chivukula says. “Every day, the staff at Standard Optical and Opticare demonstrate that their heads, and hearts, are in the right place. And their quality of care is second to none. I’m excited to be a part of the growth that makes us able to reach so many patients year after year!”

Chivukula holds a Master of Business Administration degree and is on track to receive his Master’s in Accounting by the end of summer 2021. He has worked in finance, accounting, business development, and PR, in roles ranging from the controller at an electrical manufacturer to organizer of networking events at Harvard University.

After spending several years in New York and New Jersey, Chivukula is proud to find a role in Salt Lake City, where he attended both high school and college: “I’ve always loved Utah, and I’m glad to call Salt Lake City home again. I’m ready to grow with Standard Optical here!”

Standard Optical has 20 locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley region of Utah. The practice is currently accepting appointments for eye exams and consultations for a variety of vision correction procedures.

About Standard Optical

Standard Optical has been a leading eye care, eye surgery, and eyewear provider in Utah for over 100 years. A leader in vision correction procedures such as LASIK and ICL, and in lifelong, all-ages eye care that protects patients’ vision “from kindergarten to cataracts,” Standard Optical prides itself on being a family-owned provider of clear and comfortable vision. To learn more about Standard Optical, visit

About Opticare Vision Services

Founded in 1987, Opticare Vision Services was Utah’s first limited health maintenance organization (LHMO) and is currently the largest vision insurance provider in Utah, providing premium, risk-based vision insurance. Since its founding, Opticare has grown to include over 30,000 optometry providers; 15,000 LASIK procedures completed; 700 clients; and 250,000 members served with unrivaled coverage. To learn more about Opticare Vision Services, visit

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