Stair Lift Installer & Walk In Bathtub Contractor Directory For Seniors Expanded

The famous Find Stair Lift Companies announced it is now also helping seniors and those who live with mobility challenges find quality, trusted walk in bathtub contractors in their local area.

The Find Stair Lift Companies has expanded its famous directory to include walk in tub contractors, and allow all those who live with mobility challenges to make the bath a more safe and enjoyable experience.

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The Find Stairlift Companies is a free service that connects seniors and those who don’t want their disabilities, injuries or mobility problems to stop them from being independent, safe and active at home with qualified stair lift companies close to them

The service has now expanded to include walk in tub contractors. This means that all those who have trouble lifting their legs over the threshold of traditional baths or worry about slipping and falling while getting in can now turn to the famous directory to find a seasoned pro in their area and discuss a safer option.

The directory covers more than 11,000 towns and cities around the country and handpicks its contractors based on the quality of their service, the variety of tubs they offer the public, their ability to adapt to different needs and the fairness of their prices.

This allows the clients to focus solely on which type of walk in tub best fits their bathroom or mobility problem, how much they are looking to spend on the new tub and which handrails, seats or textured pads they require for a safe, independent and stress free bath.

The Find Stair Lift Companies explains that “walk in bathtubs allow everyone to remain safe and independent in the bathroom. There is already plenty to worry about in this world, and having a nice, long bath should not be one of them. So, going for one of these tubs is really the smart move and we can help find the best contractors in the area.”

Consultations with the Find Stair Lift Companies team and more information on its new walk in tub contractor services can be requested at 855 405-7561 or through the website link provided above along with details on all the areas it services around the country.

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