Stage 2 Recovery Alcohol Gambling Addiction Self Development Site Launched

Self development coach and counsellor Jason Wittman has launched a new site advertising his services. He prides himself on helping formerly addicted people to create the life of their dreams and achieve high levels of success.

A new self development site has launched where Jason Wittman offers guidance on Stage 2 Recovery, which aims to help recovering people to live the life of their dreams by boosting their self esteem and confidence, learning to love themselves, and showing them how to develop a clear picture of where they want their life to go and creating actionable steps to get there. Stage 2 Recovery is based on the principle of helping addicted people to recover, and Jason uses his expertise to teach these skills and to counsel and coach clients as they put them into being.

More information can be found on the Stage 2 Recovery website at:

Jason Wittman has had a private practice as a counsellor and coach since the mid 1980s. Now his business focuses on coaching and advising business and professional clients who are recovering from alcoholism and addiction, freeing them to be the best version of themselves.

The Stage 2 Recovery site explains that many people dream of living their perfect life, but for those who have struggled with alcohol or other addictions often find that, after they get sober, they struggle to battle with life’s terms. It goes on to say that, even when formerly addicted people suffer some successes, they can come at the price of high levels of anxiety, fear and pain.

Sometimes this can lead to a development of non substance type addictive behaviour, like compulsive gambling, eating, and working. Jason prides himself on helping people who have suffered through addictions not just to live their lives like they want to, but to achieve high levels of success.

On the site, interested parties can sign up for a completely free confidential personal growth planning session, which takes place over the phone. Jason Wittman says that the session will help people to get a clearer picture of their life and the life they want to live. It will show them the building blocks that can help them achieve their dreams, and show them what’s stopping them achieving them.

Anyone wanting to sign up for a free session can get in touch with Jason at

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