Stackable Precast Deck Footing Available Online In U.S. at

EZ-TUBE, a fast, reliable and streamlined precast concrete pier footing solution for use in construction, is available for deck builders and DIYers across the U.S. at

EZ-CRETE has announced that EZ-TUBE, a patented, stackable pre-cast deck footing designed to streamline the building process for decks, porches and other structures, is now available online across the U.S. at

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EZ-TUBE product was created to provide builders, construction workers and DIY project runners with an evolution in footings.

With EZ-TUBE, customers are able to forget mixing and keep building with a more seamless approach to construction. With no mixing, no mess and no need to wait for the concrete to cure, builders can get to work faster and few trips to the job site.

The team explains that EZ-TUBE is a patented, stackable footing that is fast, lightweight, easy and solid. It’s also strong and flexible, providing a more reliable way to get building done quicker.

Customers just have to prep their site like normal, stack the sections, and within minutes they can begin the building process. The work can be carried out regardless of conditions, leading to a more effective building process.

EZ-TUBE is available via in two configurations. It can be bought as a 5-stack or a 4-stack, with free shipping available across the contiguous 48 states.

One of the key differentiating factors of the product is its lightweight nature. The upper sections weigh just 60 lbs, which is 30% lighter than the top-selling bag of concrete while requiring no mixing.

Customers can buy the EZ-TUBE product at:

The lack of mixing required also means there is no mess, unlike with a traditional concrete approach. The base sections roll into place and drop into the hole once the anchor is inserted.

The company highlights that precast concrete is a versatile replacement for batch mixing or RMC. The lighter top sections allow secure and safe stacking, and they can sustain a load up to 135,000 lbs.

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