St Petersburg FL Offers Counseling for Codependency – Online Counseling

Saint Petersburg, Florida-based Sunshine City Counseling has just updated its codependency counseling service, which helps clients break away from unhealthy relationships.

Sunshine City Counseling of Saint Petersburg, Florida, announces online and in person counseling sessions. The practice helps clients overcome codependency, one of the most common signs of dysfunctional relationships.

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With this offering, people can get professional help for their attachment issues, which are often rooted in low self-esteem. Sunshine City Counseling is composed of over nine multi-disciplinary therapists whose expertise ranges from child therapy, counseling for teens to addiction therapy.

According to the clinic, all codependent relationships have a giver and an enabler. The giver feels worthless unless they are needed by the enabler, which creates a vicious cycle.

Since both parties are complicit in the problem, breaking away from this unhealthy bond can be challenging. Counseling is crucial to breaking the cycle of need and neglect, allowing people to either improve their relationship or move on with their lives.

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Codependency therapy is ideal for people who experience deep insecurity, have difficulty setting boundaries, and struggle to accept reality. The therapists will help clients discover and make peace with the source of their dysfunction so they can stop looking to others for validation.

By doing so, patients will be able to see relational patterns they keep repeating, such as dating the same kind of people or trying to “fix” troubled individuals. They can also stop destructive behavior, such as prioritizing other people’s needs over theirs.

As part of the practice’s efforts to make mental health consultations more accessible, the first session is always offered at no charge. Moreover, patients can choose the therapist they consult with and can attend their session in person or online.

Sunshine City Counseling is the leading mental health experts in the Saint Petersburg area. Aside from codependency treatment, they also offer marriage, child, and individual therapy.

A spokesperson says: “Codependency is when we lose ourselves in someone else. We begin to doubt our own perception of reality, minimize our feelings, and consider others’ needs as more important than our own. If this sounds like you, our team can help you get to a better place.”

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